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Round relishing test

players in world football, but my immediate answer was Ryan Giggs and I’ve only worked with him for a few weeks! He’s arguably the best Premier League player there has ever been, coupled with others like Paul Scholes, but working so closely with Ryan makes you realise even more what a top footballer he is. From the other perspective having him on the staff is going to be vital when it comes to being able to confide in him and ask for his opinion on things because he has that experience of the United way and what it takes to win here. We’re getting the best of both worlds having him as a player and a coach.

We’re obviously away for a while on tour, but presumably this period is a great opportunity for you to get to know the players on and off the pitch?
Absolutely. It’s provided all of the coaches with a chance to get to know the different personalities in the squad and they can get to know us as well. It’s allowing us to build up that trust and relationship that you need to help the club going forward.

Finally, how excited are you for the season to get started now and is the main focus on being ready for that first game?
Everyone is really looking forward to it, but I’ve been in the game long enough to know that the season is a marathon, it’s not just about the first game. It’s about where you finish the season. Over the 38 games it’s going to be a great ride and one I’m really looking forward to. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work at a great football club and follow arguably the best manager that has ever lived. It’s an inspiring challenge and one I’m relishing.

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