"Now, I think I’m starting to get old and more mature... you can’t be young forever!" 

- Rafael

03/06/2013 09:15, Report by Adam Marshall
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Rafael's review

Rafael started the vast majority of matches as United regained the title in 2012/13. Here, in an interview first published in the Champions issue of Inside United, he reflects on the success and looks forward to recharging his batteries at home in Brazil ahead of another big campaign...

Firstly, well done on winning the title again…

It was an amazing season but maybe we could have won against Real Madrid in the Champions League, you know. However, being a champion means that it is a very, very good season.

Incredible, your first response is to cite a rare negative from the season…

Exactly - that’s the mentality. We couldn’t win against Madrid and we were disappointed about that. But it’s okay, we won the league title and I think we were very focused this season to get the trophy back to Old Trafford.

Surely there's no doubt United were the best team, given the final table...

If you see the points difference at the top, you can definitely see we have been the best team. As I’ve said, we have been so focused. We came back in some games to recover points when we were losing, and it has been very good overall.

How do you view the season personally?

I think I have just been consistent this season. I think I am getting more mature, like I’ve always said, and it has been a very good season for me.

You played 20 out of 21 games at one point. Did that kind of run help you?

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