"Now, I think I’m starting to get old and more mature... you can’t be young forever!" 

- Rafael

03/06/2013 09:15, Report by Adam Marshall
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Rafael's review

You played 20 out of 21 games at one point. Did that kind of run help you?

I am pretty sure I’ve never played that many in a row before! That consistency is so good for a player and I am very happy to have enjoyed that.

How did it feel to be among Sir Alex's tips for the Player of the Year award?

That’s very nice to hear coming from him. There are such good players at United, and the fact that he picked me as one of the four [van Persie, Carrick and De Gea were the others] is so good. I’m very happy.

Was it important Sir Alex got his message across after the disappointing end in 2012?

Exactly. After the game at Sunderland, when we were on the bus, he said to us: "See what happened today. Don't forget that." I'll make sure I'll always remember.

Which of your goals was your favourite, Liverpool or QPR?

My favourite one is QPR because they played so hard in closing everyone down and working together, so maybe it was harder to score a goal, but I managed to get one. I think it’s the best one I’ve ever scored.

Which was your best performance?

That’s also QPR, I think, I played very well. I did play some good games - I was very good against Everton at home.

Which team-mate gave the best individual performance?

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