"Now, I think I’m starting to get old and more mature... you can’t be young forever!" 

- Rafael

03/06/2013 09:15, Report by Adam Marshall
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Rafael's review

I think Robin van Persie against Villa. Against Southampton he scored a hat-trick, too, but he missed a penalty in that game. It’s hard to pick out individuals, as we have had so many good games. Vida and Rio helped a lot, Carrick too – I have to say he was my player of the season, I voted for him.

Something we noticed was how, when you hit the woodwork against Villa, you didn’t dwell on it but won an important aerial duel straight afterwards to help get us on the attack again. That was impressive…

That’s the mentality, to focus. I was really, really concentrating in that game because we had the chance to be champions. Yes, sometimes I have shown my frustration here when I’ve missed some goals. Hopefully, this shows that I am getting better.

Which one thing helped us win the title the most?

I think we were extremely focused this season. I think we have had the mentality to get the trophy back. Everyone worked together. Robin coming in has helped a lot as well, Shinji Kagawa too because he is also such a good player. The players we brought in helped ensure the spirit of the team was very good.

The boss thinks Shinji will be even more influential next season. Do you agree?

I’m sure about that. He’s a clever player. Maybe it’s hard when you come over and it’s been the first season for him. He is Japanese and played in Germany, where it’s a completely different type of football. But he’s a clever player and shows this in training.

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