"Obviously, the fans see the wingers we have now and the high standard they have. I want to meet that high standard as well."

- Wilfried Zaha

09/07/2013 14:42, Report by Adam Marshall
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Zaha adapting to United life

Wilfried Zaha sat down with ManUtd.com to discuss his first couple of days as a Manchester United player..

How was your first day at the club on Monday?
I just literally stayed in my corner really and just looked about and tried to get used to everyone. Everybody just jokes around in the changing room and all that kind of stuff so it was just enjoyable really. I was a bit nervous coming in but everyone is cool so it was nice.

You were a bit later getting back due to your England Under-21 involvement but you’re back in time for the tour..
I’m glad. I would have preferred starting with everyone else so I could make a good impression and put in a good effort so I’m just glad I’m here before the tour starts and going out there.

What are your expectations of the tour?
It’s a bit different for me as I have never been to so many different countries on tour before. I’m looking forward to it.

On your very first day, you were part of the squad that attended the Aeroflot launch – did that give you a sense of how different things can be here?
I’ve never been to something like that so it was kind of different to me. But I enjoyed being there and being part of the squad. It was just so different and obviously I have to get used to it.

Have the players made you feel welcome?
Everyone comes up to me and says ‘Hello’. There is no-one who just tries to ignore me or anything like that. Everyone is friendly really.

Have you had chance to try out any of your tricks in training?
I haven’t really had a chance to yet! (Laughs). Hopefully, I will try and show my tricks off now and again but, so far, I’m keeping it a bit cool!

The United fans love a winger. Antonio Valencia was Player of the Year in 2012 and there is a real tradition of exciting wide players here..
Yes, there is. I’m going to do my best really. Obviously, the fans see the wingers we have

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