11/03/2013 14:35, Report by B Hibbs & N Coppack
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Nani inspired by Giggs

after I started playing football. I knew then that this is what I wanted my life to be. But it was only when I was 17 or 18 and I really started to think like a man that I truly thought that I could make it happen. This was when I signed with Sporting Lisbon. I remember my first contract. I was very happy. It was a contract that included challenges in it – the more games I played for the first team, the more I got paid. It was good motivation and I had to work hard to prove I could stay in the team and prove that my team-mates could count on me on the pitch.

Do you still follow Sporting Lisbon and do you ever see them play? Tom Garner
I have Portuguese TV at home so I can watch a lot of games. I also had an opportunity when I was injured recently. I went back to Portugal for some treatment and spent two days at Sporting. I went to watch my old team play, I saw some friends and I visited the training ground. It was really enjoyable and it’s nice to remember where you come from. Everybody was happy for me and wished me luck here in Manchester.

What’s the best goal you’ve scored for Manchester United? Matty Ebbs
I think it was probably my goal against Chelsea last season, at Old Trafford. I hit the ball perfectly and the ball flew past Petr Cech into the top corner. The other one I always remember is my first goal, against Tottenham. That was really special to me.

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