"Playing for United, one of the greatest clubs in the world, is always a source of pride to me. Every time I pull the shirt on, I'm pulling on the history of this club."

- David De Gea

31/05/2013 10:44
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De Gea's Reds pride

I was around five or six years old and just a small boy.

Goalkeepers sometimes score goals. Although you've never scored a goal professionally, have you ever scored in a match as a goalkeeper?
Not as a keeper but, as a youngster, I played as an outfield player. I was a forward and scored lots of goals but eventually settled on being a goalkeeper. I think I've always liked to pass the ball and dribble - in the Spain under-age teams, I used to practise with the ball at my feet. And, at a club like United, it's important to be able to support the team in every way.

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