01/05/2013 14:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Carrick at his peak

Do you feel you’re at your peak now?
Yeah. I feel like I’ve improved all the time I’ve been at United. You’re always going to have better spells than others. That's natural and you can’t be on an upward curve all the time or play at your best all the time. But as time has gone on I have improved as a player and I’m still looking to improve even now. You have to here.

You’ve been consistent for a number of years for United but people seem to appreciate and acknowledge your influence far more these days. Any ideas why?
I really don’t know and it makes me laugh sometimes with the things I read and comments I hear. Perhaps a few more figures in football have said nice things about my game and then people jump on that. But I’ve been happy with my form for a while now.

Do you think perhaps Barcelona’s success in controlling possession has highlighted how influential your style can be?
That's possible. The game evolves all the time and different trends and styles of play come to the fore or become more popular and are used by different teams. We’re perhaps in a time now where people appreciate that type of midfielder a lot more.

Do you like the attention?
It shows you’re doing your job right and in that sense you have to enjoy it and take satisfaction from it. It’s good if you’re playing well in a successful team, that’s what any player wants. But attention isn’t something I crave or need.

You're one of the more experienced members of the squad now. In fact, you were the oldest player in the team against Sunderland… 
[Laughs] Yeah, I was really surprised to hear that because in a way you get used to looking up to more experienced, older lads in the squad. There are senior lads here, older than me, and you don’t always see yourself in that bracket. But it’s natural, time catches up and you become one of the older ones. It caught me by surprise!

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