01/05/2013 14:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Carrick at his peak

Do you feel like you have the influence of a senior player within the squad?
There is a responsibility to set an example here. I’m not one to dictate or shout and scream. It’s more about setting an example within the squad. At this club people like Giggsy and Scholesy don't go around shouting, they lead by example - not just on the pitch but in everything they do. At Manchester United, especially, you carry an expectation to live the right way, to train well and look after yourself. As a package, there is no club like it in terms of responsibility for its players. It’s important the senior lads do the right things for the younger ones to follow.

Has that been a crucial characteristic so far this season?
I think so. You’re bound to go through times in a season where things might not go well. That happens to every team. It’s how you cope with it and it’s a natural to look to the older, experienced players to see what they do or how they cope in certain situations, and you follow their lead. That’s what I did when I was younger and I still do it now with the likes of Giggsy around. You never stop learning and it’s vital to set that example for everyone to follow.

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