15/11/2013 08:30, Report by M Froggatt, B Hibbs
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Rooney responds to fans

As part of United Review’s exclusive interview with Wayne Rooney, followers of the club’s official Google+ page pitched their own questions to the Reds striker…

What's going through your mind before a big game? - James Tufnell
It’s the same as any other game. You have nerves before a match but most of all of you just can’t wait to get out there and you want the game to kick off. In that moment I’m analysing in my head how I’m going to play and which runs I’m going to make and going over those ideas and instructions. But then once the match starts you just play the game as you see it.

What’s your favourite memory from facing Arsenal? - Lucy Chadderton
My first game for United against Arsenal was when we won 2-0 and ended their unbeaten run on 49 games (October 2004). That was my 19th birthday, I scored and then Ruud (van Nistelrooy) scored a penalty and he went mad as he was celebrating. He’d missed a penalty before so all his emotions came out but that was a great win against Arsenal. There have been a few great games and results since but that one really stands out.

It’s always United’s mentality to challenge in every tournament, but if you could pinpoint one trophy you’d like to win, which would it be? – Omar Othman
I’ve always said throughout my career that the most important trophy in any season in the Premier League. It’s your domestic league and it decides who is the best team over the course of a season. That’s the one that it is vital we try to win.

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