17/11/2013 08:00, Report by G Thompson & B Hibbs
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Chicha: Art of scoring

goals. Every player in the world, including players we have here like Wayne [Rooney] and Robin [van Persie], works hard to be the best they can be.”

It’s clear speaking to Chicharito that he is a connoisseur of his craft, so we pitched him in specific scoring scenarios, with examples of goals he has scored for United, and asked him what is running through his mind at the time, and this is what he said…

One-on-one v Chelsea, Premier League, May 2011
“It’s about intuition. You don’t really think about what you’re going to do, it’s just in an instant that you do what you do. When I received the ball for this goal I didn’t think, 'what will I do next?' I just looked at the ball and the keeper and chose which side I wanted to shoot. It’s not like when we sit here now and I say ‘I had this option and that option,’ you just do what you do at the time. You do it in even less than a second. It’s a very quick process. I loved that game – it was phenomenal for me because that goal and that win helped us win the title.”

Set-pieces v Liverpool, League Cup, September 2013
"I like to move a lot because I’m not the strongest or the tallest guy so I try to move around so I can be first to get into position ahead of the defenders. This kind of goal is about coordination as well. I saw Wazza was about to take the corner and I started moving. Thankfully the ball came to me and I found the gap I needed to score."

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