17/11/2013 08:00, Report by G Thompson & B Hibbs
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Chicha: Art of scoring

Improvisation v Stoke, Premier League, October 2010
“This one is interesting because I probably thought more about this one than I did about the other two we just talked about. If I remember rightly we had a corner which was played short. Then the cross came over and I remember Vida going in for the header at the back post. When I saw the ball going towards Vida I ran towards where I had an instinct the ball would come to. It came behind me but all I thought was, ‘I have to head this ball.’ I was 100 per cent certain that I was going to get there. I had worked on little things with heading through the head tennis we play here and in Mexico and I managed to make contact with the ball, then turned and saw it had gone in. It was a great moment.”

Headers v Chelsea, FA Cup, March 2013
“I didn’t think about the pace of the header for this goal or where I was going to put it. I just remember seeing the goalkeeper close to me and thinking that he was a little bit more out of his goal than he usually would be so my first thought was I wanted to head it over the top of him. Thankfully it went in.”

Poaching v Wigan, Premier League, January 2013
“Sometimes you are lucky and the ball comes to you. For these two goals I was standing hoping the ball would come to me and I reacted. Sometimes you know when a ball might come to you. For my goal against Chelsea in the 3-2 win [in October 2012] I moved towards the ball because I had an inkling where it would go. But for the Wigan goals the ball came to me both times from rebounds. Every goal is different. Some you think a bit more about and others you just react or use your

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