03/09/2013 02:05, Report by N Coppack, A Bostock
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Moyes welcomes Fellaini

need it, behind the striker or as a defensive or holding midfielder. In any position in the middle of the field he’s comfortable. Because of that I think it’s definitely a position where people have said we’ve been short of numbers, with the likes of Paul Scholes [retiring] and Darren Fletcher not ready to come back just now. I felt we needed to strengthen there and I’m glad we got him.

Fans have seen him cause all sorts of trouble over the years in an Everton shirt. I suppose they’ll be relieved that he’s on our side!
I do know he’s not someone you want to play against because you have to make contingency plans for him. He has lots of attributes that other people don’t have. And there are other things he won’t have that we’ll have to help him with. But with the qualities he’s got, I’m sure he’ll be a good player for Manchester United.

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Manager's Verdict

"For me, Marouane Fellaini has been one of the best midfielders in the Premier League over the last few seasons. If he continues to improve at United, we’ll have a really good player on our hands."

- David Moyes


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