27/09/2013 07:40, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Neville: Good to be home

people who have great experience, and that’s what Steve has got. He’s got 15 years Premier League experience and, of course, the manager has unbelievable experience. Even Ryan has been through things in his professional career that you’ve got to tap into. There are plenty of people to act as sounding boards and I have to speak to every single one of them.

What’s it like being on the other side of things now as a coach rather than player?
It is different as a coach. You can say things as a player to another player that you can’t say as a coach. You have to form that bit of distance. I’m enjoying it. It’s just fantastic to be on the staff working with top players. I’m looking forward to working with one or two players during the season at different times, like the full-backs or wingers for example, and passing on my experience and the things I was taught as a kid. Even when you’re a first-team player you never stop learning and the same applies as a coach. I want to be a coach that keeps coaching players and keeps teaching them. Every day they come into training is a chance to teach them and make them better. That’s the culture of this club and I want to continue that.

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