03/04/2014 13:04, Report by James Tuck

Fans ask, De Gea answers

United followers on Facebook posted their questions for our Spanish stopper...

How do you assess your chances of going to the World Cup? Nkosi Edwin M Dube
Well, Victor Valdes has picked up an injury and the first thing to say is that’s an absolute shame and not something you’d wish on anybody, least of all him. It’s an awful situation but perhaps it might open a door for me to be at the World Cup.

Where does Wayne Rooney’s goal at West Ham rank among all those in matches you’ve been involved in? Pascal Robert
It’s definitely one of the most fantastic, unusual goals I’ve seen on the pitch. It was so hard to execute because the ball was bouncing and he was almost on the half-way line. To be able to put the ball where he did from there was incredible, a tremendous piece of skill.

Do you think you have a chance of winning United’s Player of the Year award? Alberto Rodriguez
I couldn’t say – it’s down to the fans who vote. It’s not something I focus on too much. I always try to perform to the best of my ability, to have a good season and stay on the right track – that’s all. We’ve got some players who’ve done well throughout the season and others who’ve had good spells during it. So there are plenty of candidates but it’s difficult to pick one.

Which player is the toughest to face in training? Jon Guerrero
They’re all top-quality players who stretch you to the limit and demand that you’re in your best form during training, which means you’re constantly improving. Chicha always scores a lot in training, so does Rooney – but they’re all good.

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