20/02/2014 09:02

Carrick quizzed by fans

Followers of @ManUtd on Twitter put their questions to Michael Carrick...

You're renowned for your passing ability. Is there a pass that stands out as your most memorable or one you were really pleased with?
That's difficult... [pauses] The one last year for Chicharito's goal against Chelsea in the FA Cup was one of those passes you see and try, sometimes it doesn't come off. But that one worked out and came off nicely. There was another one to Dimitar Berbatov against Tottenham a few years ago, that was also in the FA Cup, and again it was one of those situations where you see the pass is on but to execute it and see it lead to a goal always gives me a great feeling. Passes like those are the ones you remember.

Who's the best player you've played with?
There are different reasons, different criteria... Cristiano [Ronaldo] stands out, he's just an incredible athlete and was so influential. But, for what he did in the game, and for me personally playing alongside him for so long, I'd have to put Paul Scholes up there. I learnt so much from him and I can't speak highly enough about what a brilliant player he was. So I'd go with those two.

What do you eat before a match?
We eat three hours before kick-off and I normally have chicken, pasta, and maybe some potatoes and veg.

You're a big F1 fan so who are you rooting for in the new season?
It's a tough one to pick. I always like to see the British lads do well, for example. Also, I've got friends at Red Bull Racing, although Mark Webber [the Australian driver who supports United] has moved on now. Everyone is trying to knock them off their perch – similar to us really! So I'll side with them. They're taking a bit of stick but I'm sure they'll come back strong, like us.


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