18/02/2014 10:00, Report by Adam Marshall
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Petrucci craving a chance

first team, it's a completely different feeling playing with men, in front of a big crowd. It gives you a lift even more so I want to go out and play.

You have always had the burning ambition to play for United. Does that remain?
Obviously it's still a dream for me to play here. I've never really had the chance. I hope one day that I am given a chance to show if I can do something or not. I think if you are given an opportunity to show what you can do, it's down to you. Many young players have a chance and some take it while some don't. I never really had one. I hope one day that I do get it.

Tom Thorpe went out on loan and was injured on his debut for Birmingham - you had a similar setback at Peterborough so do you sympathise with him?
Yes. Sometimes luck is more important than the talent in football.

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