16/02/2014 09:40, Report by Adam Marshall
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Janko settling in

look at all the first-team players and watch them off the pitch as well as on it. Sometimes, they will do something extra for themselves in the gym or will stay out after training practising crosses or doing separate training with the defenders and attackers. It’s nice to watch them and learn from them.

Has the fact you speak good English helped you here in Manchester?
Other players couldn’t speak a word when they came over so it is much harder for them. Because my father always spoke German and English, a mix of those two languages, that is why it wasn’t that difficult to settle in when I came here. I spend time with the foreign boys and help them as well sometimes.

There is still plenty to look forward to this season, including some more Under-21 league games at Old Trafford…
I was looking forward to [my first game at Old Trafford so much] with the history and everything behind it. However, it’s not just about the stadium and the pitch. It is all like a dream, you know. I think it’s not just about the football – it is everything about the place with the history and the fact it is like a huge family. 

What are your aims for the remainder of the campaign?
I want to be successful with the Under-21s because we haven’t had many games at that level. So I’m looking forward to that.

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