21/02/2014 19:30, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Moyes hails Rooney deal

How important is Wayne in your future plans for United?
He’s massive for what we want to do. We’ve got Wayne [signed up] and Juan Mata in… we’re having to build again and start again. It’s really important we keep players who we think can do us a job over the coming years and Wayne can certainly do that. He’s maturing as well. I see him now as an all-round team player. You look at the effort and work he is putting in, not just for himself but for the team and I think that’s why the supporters really relate to him. They gave him a great reception at Swansea when he was on the bench in the first game of the season and when he came back into the team my feeling was they saw an energised Wayne Rooney, someone who was committed and someone who was going to try to prove himself if he had to do so.

We’ve seen you sign Juan Mata and now get Wayne signed up – does this send out a bit of a message to the rest of the league?
I don’t really care if it sends out a message to the league, but the message is to all the Manchester United supporters - this is what we’re going to be doing and it will get better. I’m determined to make sure it gets better. I’ve got great support from the owners and from the board, and I can only say it won’t be the last [thing we do], that’s for sure.

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