13/01/2014 11:37, Report by Ben Hibbs
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United heart and soul

do my best for the team.

So, you've not done anything different in training?
I train hard every single day. Being brought up through the Academy here, it's instilled in you to work hard in training. Obviously I've looked at different aspects of my game and tried to improve certain things but, as I said, now I've been playing up front I'm getting the opportunities in scoring situations and thankfully I've been putting them away. Hopefully I'll carry on doing that.

Does your approach change at all in a different position?
Yeah, you've got a different job on your hands. On the wing, there is perhaps more defending that is part of the role, especially if you're playing against an attacking full-back. You can lose a lot of your energy getting back to defend. As a striker, playing right up front, you've got more energy to burn because you're concentrating on that burst for an attacking situation – getting in behind defenders, coming short to get on the ball. You're doing a bit of everything and I feel much sharper when I've got the ball further up the pitch.

Your confidence must be sky-high after your recent goals. When you get a chance now you must be thinking: I'll score this...
Once I get into the position to score – and you work on this in training as well – you get more accustomed to it. Once you're there you know what you want to do in that particular situation, and through practice over the years it comes to you more as instinct, as second nature.

You've scored nine goals this season and David Moyes mentioned a 20-goal target – is that what you're aiming towards?
I think 20 goals is a good target for any striker to set at this level, but I've not sat down and thought, 'I need to reach this many goals this season.' I want to score goals wherever I play. I've enjoyed playing up front and getting good opportunities to score. If I'm on the left wing then I'll still want to score but I know that I'll have other duties in the team. I just really want to apply myself for the team and give my best because Manchester United is very important to me.

There's more to your game than just goals – do you think scoring regularly allows fans to appreciate your other attributes: speed, skill, bringing others into play...
When it comes down to it, strikers are judged on goals. I know that. There are strikers out there that just score goals, the

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