08/01/2014 09:00, Report by G Thompson
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Anders quizzed by fans

We asked Anders Lindegaard to answer some of the questions put to him by fans on our official Google+ page. And the goalkeeper was more than happy to get involved...

What’s the best game of football you’ve ever been involved in? Jeremy Keane
Because of the meaning of the game and the emotions of it I would say the Norwegian Cup final in 2009, when I was playing for Aalesund. It was very dramatic how it all unfolded and special from a personal perspective. The final went to penalties for the first time in the competition’s history and I saved the first one in the shoot-out. I was also given the MVP [Most Valuable Player] award, which is a very big honour in Norway. I’ve played in technically better games at United and big occasions, but for the excitement factor I’d have to go for the cup final.

What’s your favourite ever Christmas present you’ve been given? Molly Hobbs
That’s a good question. [Pauses] I’m not really a present person – I prefer to give them. My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I just said, ‘some black socks and new underwear!’ I’ve had some really great presents over the years, but the best is probably an album of photos of my mine and wife’s history together.

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Advice from Anders

"As a kid I was always told the most important thing about playing football is to have fun. If you have fun and enjoy it, you will automatically push yourself as hard as you can to become the best you can."

- Anders Lindegaard


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