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Young takes fan's questions

Ashley Young recently spoke to 12th Man, the magazine for Manchester United season-ticket holders, with fan Vorapoj Khongpol posing the questions...

Who is your favourite player of all time?
Ian Wright. I always used to watch him when I was growing up and he was somebody that I looked up to. His attitude towards the game was fantastic.

Who were your childhood team?
I used to watch a lot of football when I was growing up and you always remember waiting every Saturday for Match of the Day to start! Because I looked up to Ian Wright, I watched Arsenal quite a bit but, when you get that little bit older, you concentrate on your own career.

Which is your favourite position to play in?
I like to play on the left side. As a right-footed player, you can cut inside, have a shot and link up with the midfielders and forwards. As long as I'm in the team and helping us get the results we want, then it doesn't matter if it's on the left, right or just off the striker. I am quite a versatile player, wherever I'm picked I go out and give 110 per cent.

Who's the toughest defender you've ever had to play against?
I'd have to go for Wes Brown. He has everything a centre-back needs - strength, pace and the ability to tackle - and he is still a top, top player at Sunderland. He was really tough to play against in training sessions with England so I was always happy to have him on my team. He was a great guy in the England dressing room too.

How do you prepare yourself for a big game?
I have one or two pre-match rituals. I always put everything on left-side first. So I put my left sock on first, my left leg into my shorts, my left boot on and then my left arm into my shirt first. It's something I've always done and it's stuck with me. I'm quite relaxed before games and I like to listen to music but

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