13/03/2014 16:33, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Legend's view: McClair

Ex-Red Brian McClair has experienced United v Liverpool contests at all levels of the club but says the fierce first-team rivalry is one he still very much relishes...

What does United versus Liverpool mean to you?
The only real rivalry has been at first-team level. At other levels of development football, including the Reserves and Under-21s, yes, there’s competition but it’s much more amiable in the whole time I’ve been involved. We have a good relationship with Liverpool at Academy level, even though they’ve changed their set-up a little in the last few years. For the first team, it’s a fierce rivalry. When Sir Alex first came down to Manchester, he always said he considered that to be our biggest game. I remember him saying that if we finish above Liverpool we’d win the league. That tells you a lot. What sets this fixture apart is the supporters – there’s so much passion and will to win. You want to win all your games but this one in particular means so much to the fans.

What memories of playing in this fixture particularly stand out for you?
There are some great memories from playing in this fixture, and others more of frustration. I remember the missed opportunity of being 3-0 up at half-time at Anfield in 1994 and the manager went mental after the game when we’d drawn 3-3. I had a chance right at the end that would have given us a 4-3 win as well. I also scored a goal from the edge of the box, a volley in front of the Kop which got chalked off, and sometimes those are the things you remember. That one still hurts! I scored a goal at Anfield when we won the Premier League in 1993 – I got away with a foul, a little nudge on the defender and headed it in. Great

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