16/03/2014 10:04, Report by Ben Hibbs

Vidic eyes last Liverpool clash

Nemanja Vidic's impending exit means he's keen to savour his last United-Liverpool clash but how does this fixture compare to other great derbies he's played in?

I've played in derbies in Manchester, Moscow and Belgrade and it's often a similar experience in terms of the atmosphere. But the Red Star vs Partizan derby in Belgrade is the one I grew up watching, then I played in it, which was one of the best feelings I've had in my career.

I scored in the first Belgrade derby I played in and that was my dream. I said once that my dream was to score in that derby and run into the crowd and not come back! I said that as a kid. So, my dream came true - apart from the last part about running into the crowd to celebrate with the fans. I stayed on the pitch!

It's different when you've been a fan of a club from a very young age and then play in the match. That's a great feeling. There is the derby with Manchester City but United against Liverpool is a big match too. It's not just rivalry between two big clubs, it's between two cities. You feel that on the pitch - the tradition of the two clubs.

United against Liverpool is not just an English derby, it's worldwide. Winning is a great feeling and losing is the worst feeling. But it's being watched all over the world and you want to be involved - to be part of the show and part of the history.

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