01/04/2014 18:05, Report by Mark Froggatt

Fans quiz Rafael

United followers on Facebook posted their questions for our Brazilian right-back...

What advice would you give to young aspiring full-backs? Nick Belotti
My first piece of advice is to believe in yourself and work hard. Full-backs have to work even harder than other players because you have to run up and down the pitch. These days, football has changed and full-backs have to play like wing-backs. You must be fit enough to attack and defend.

How did you feel when Fabio left for Cardiff? Kenkichi Otaka
It was sad but it was good for his career. My brother talked to the boss and explained he'd been at United for five years without playing consistently. It was time to move on. He lives near Cardiff but comes here on days off. He was here recently, he was happy and it was nice to see him.

Who is hardest player to defend against in training? Geeresh Ra
Ryan Giggs is still hard to defend against. Three years ago, it was unbelievably hard! He is still an incredible dribbler of the ball, cutting in and out, and it’s hard to work out what he is going to do. Sometimes you think he will dribble in one direction and then he shoots. I would also say Nani because of his trickery.

Which Brazilian full-back was better: Cafu or Roberto Carlos? Jack Flanagan
That is a tough question! I would say they are both similar. For Brazil, I think Cafu was better but Roberto Carlos was brilliant for Real Madrid. But then again, Cafu was so consistent for AC Milan and was one of the greatest defenders of all-time. In some ways, they are the same player. It’s a draw!

Which moment with United will you never forget? Karolina Villamayor
I think it would have to be winning the title last season. The fans had been waiting for the 20th title for so long and the trophy parade was incredible. It was something that will stay with me forever. I played in almost every game as well so it meant a lot to me.


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