11/03/2014 15:21, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Legend's view: Rush

Ex-Liverpool striker Ian Rush speaks to ManUtd.com ahead of Sunday's clash...

What does United versus Liverpool mean to you?
It’s always a huge game. When you’re a player, it’s your job to perform and get a result against Manchester United and when you retire, you become a fan and get just as excited. Ask any Liverpool fan and they’ll tell you the games against United are the ones they look forward to every season.

How would you assess the form of both teams?
If you had asked me about Liverpool at the start of the season, I would have said 'Let’s try to get into the top four' but now, having been there for a while, we’ve got to try to stay in that top four. From United’s point of view, I think they’ve been unlucky with injuries. David Moyes needs to be given time. He’s a great coach but sometimes you have good luck and sometimes you have bad luck and United have had bad luck with injuries. We’ve had [Daniel] Sturridge and [Luis] Suarez on form and we’re looking at this game now and saying ‘Let’s go to United's ground and win.’ Teams probably aren't as scared of going to Anfield as they were in the past and I think that’s the same with Old Trafford. I think people go there now and say, ‘We might be able to win here.’ It’s the most open league we’ve had for a long time. Previously United have dominated and it was all about who would be coming second and third, but this season there are a few teams competing for top spot and to get into the top

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