08/05/2014 11:17, Report by M Froggatt, A Marshall

Vidic tackles fans' questions

As part of his farewell interview, departing club captain Nemanja Vidic answers questions sent into United Review by Reds supporters...

You have been likened to United legend Steve Bruce in your playing style. Did you ever see him play? Jo Myerson
No, I didn’t watch him but I know he was great for the club. I heard from many people that he was the leader and formed a great partnership with Gary Pallister. I met him a few times as an opposing manager and he has done a good job with a few clubs now. 

Which team is going to win the World Cup? Bilal Hassan
You have to say Spain are always going to be the team with the most chance and Germany often do well in these kind of competitions. But you never know and I’m never very good at predictions!

What do you think about the centre-backs you’re leaving behind at the club? Nick Gilligan
I have been training with these guys and they definitely have all the ability they need to become top players. I believe Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Jonny Evans have to be the players carrying on as the United defenders for the next seven or eight years. I think they have that capability and the experience to step up.

Will you remain friends with your colleagues here at United? Nicole Fernandes
I will stay in touch with a few of them, obviously, from the generation that I have played with here. Edwin van der Sar, for example, is a great lad and I’m glad he is doing so well at Ajax. I will definitely keep in touch with the players and plenty of other nice people from around the club.

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