09/05/2014 15:42, Report by Adam Marshall
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Wilson making his mark

In his first in-depth interview, speaking before his two-goal debut against Hull City, 18-year-old James Wilson discusses his progress with Inside United... 

We hear your father wasn’t really into football but realised you were special by watching you play in the back garden. Is that true?
Well, he’s more of a snooker man! He always used to talk about my grandad as well, as he could remember me kicking a ball around with him when I was little. 

So where do you think you inherited the talent from? 
My brother had a bit of a dabble in football. From what I heard, he was a good player but he’s quite a bit older than me. He didn’t have that chance as there weren't as many scouts back then as there are now. He just didn’t get the big break he needed. 

You’ve been around the United set-up for a long time – when did you actually join? 
I would have been aged six and then playing at the satellite centres. I came through from there, before going over to Littleton Road and then The Cliff. I came here to Carrington when it was Under-12s level.

When you scored at Old Trafford in the FA Youth Cup quarters against Charlton in 2012, you were still just a schoolboy. How incredible an experience was that?
I can remember being in the changing rooms afterwards and I was in the shower. It was boiling hot and everyone was touching the water and asking how I could bear to stand in it. It must have been because of the adrenaline. It was just a great feeling, particularly with it being the winner as well. 

We ended up losing to Chelsea in the semi-finals of the competition… 
We went to an Ajax tournament, it was the first time we’d done it, and I got an injury to my foot. It was just a little bruising but it put me out of the

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