09/05/2014 15:42, Report by Adam Marshall
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Wilson making his mark

was told I’d be captain before the first game, I thought it was a great honour. I hadn’t done it much before and I am quite inexperienced at it. Being given that responsibility meant I was able to give advice and encouragement on the pitch. It made me work harder, essentially, because, when you have got the armband on, you have that extra responsibility to shine. 

Your speed makes you an obvious target for defenders. How do you handle any rough treatment?
I think, with the pace I’ve got, they must have some insight into my game beforehand, so I’ve just got to overcome that. If I get a knock, I must get back up and go again. 

You have had your share of injuries this season. Are you still growing?
I think I’ve finished growing and 5ft 11in is going to be my height now. Hopefully, there will be no more injuries. I fractured my ankle a few years ago at Southampton and that was a bad one. It was weird as I’d never been out for that amount of time. It was hard because I was in the gym every day and not out on the pitch with the lads. So, I just knuckled down and got back fit as soon as possible. 

How big a thrill was it to be on the first-team bench at Newcastle?
It was great experience being with the team and learning how to act around the hotel by being professional. Even the warm-up was different – I was out there with Nemanja Vidic and Tom Cleverley. When you’re warming up for the Reserves, there are not usually thousands of people around. It was a great atmosphere – even when you’re out there beforehand the ground is filling up and you can feel the volume rising. 

Were you aware that your inclusion had sparked a real buzz on social media?
It was a bit weird. All my mates were texting me. I was in the squad for the Aston Villa game and also the Bayern Munich match at Old Trafford, but didn’t get on the bench. Obviously, I was a substitute at Newcastle because of injuries and Danny Welbeck being rested. 

After getting so close, how much are you relishing making your debut at some future point?
Hopefully, it’s not too far off. It would be great and it’s what you work towards. Every time, I just think, ‘I could be in that first team.’ It would be great to get a few minutes on

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