07/02/2008 10:48, Report by Tony Skinner

Blog: My notable birthdate

K-Stand season ticket holder Tony Skinner explains his special connection to the Munich air disaster...

I was born in Leamington Spa on 6 February, 1958. My father supported Everton and my mother wasn't a football fan at all. She does, however, remember reading about the Munich air crash in the newspaper the day after I was born.

As far back as I can remember I’ve known about Munich and the special connection I have to it. In a strange sort of way, I guess it’s quite symbolic that a United fan was given life on a day when so many young players were taken away.

It’s hard to explain but I feel a very strong pull towards the events of 6 February. I’d never claim to be a bigger supporter than another fan, but I do feel there’s a connection between myself and the club.

I’ve read a lot about the crash and the players who died and it’s so hard to get your head around just how much the football world was robbed of seeing a wonderful side at the top of their game. The crash obviously affected Manchester but there’s no doubt it had an even wider impact.

I live in Swinton these days, although I wasn’t in Manchester for Wednesday's 50th anniversary. Instead, I was with my wife (who, coincidentally, I met in Munich) in Prague, celebrating my 50th birthday. I did make sure we'll fly back in time for Sunday’s match, however. I wouldn’t miss a derby, especially this one.


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