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Fans recall Wembley win

On 29 May, 1968, Manchester United tasted European glory for the first time with victory at Wembley over Portuguese side Benfica. With scores locked at 1-1 after 90 minutes, the match moved into extra-time, where the Reds scored three goals to triumph on a hot, humid night.

Here, four Reds share their memories of Matt Busby's finest hour:

Zyg Baranski, 17 (at the time)
My abiding memories are the heat, being parched, how quickly the match passed, Bobby Charlton’s headed goal – we knew we’d win if Bobby was scoring with his head – and Alex Stepney’s save from Eusebio.

I sat my ‘O’ level General Studies exam the morning of the match before rushing into town to meet my mates in a pub. We boarded a special train down to Wembley and were half-drunk on a mixture of alcohol and excitement.

We knew we’d won it quite early in extra-time, so there was tremendous jubilation and a release of emotion. Everyone sang and shouted. Everyone was in ecstasy, with beatific looks. There was something religious about it. A guy next to me was actually praying and thanking the "God of his fathers" for the victory.

Afterwards I was so deflated as I went looking for the trains back to Manchester. Yes we’d won, but like the players we’d given everything and had little left. The journey back home was almost silent, though as we fell out onto the railway platform at Piccadilly the whole train burst into one last song.

It’s up there with my very best United memories – maybe more so because it was my first trip to Wembley, which was a real football Mecca in those days.

Michael Webster, 16
Five of us, all 16, travelled in a car with our youth-club leader. I’d queued all night for tickets outside the Scoreboard End weeks earlier. Queuing was a waste of

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