06/10/2008 09:28, Report by Gemma Thompson
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A cuppa with... the masseurs

This month, Inside United grabs a cuppa with the men with the golden touch, first team masseurs Garry Armer, Rod Thornley and Andy Caveney

Morning guys… So, what’s the first thing you do when you arrive at Carrington?
GA: We usually get in for about 8.30am and, after a quick brew, we head straight to the first team dressing room – our base for the day - to get set up in preparation for the players’ arrival. We get the massage beds in the dressing room ready for those who want massages before training and also prepare the ice machines for the ice baths which some of the lads have after training.

Does everyone get the same treatment?
RT: All the massages are player specific and the lads will tell you what they want. We may do some work on their legs or their upper body such as their shoulders or backs. There are all kinds of treatments we can give. You get to know what each player wants and for how long. We also treat the injured lads or those who have just come back from a lay-off.

Who do you treat most often?
GA: All the lads have massages and we try to encourage them to have at least two or three a week, whether it be before or after training or a game. They can last any length of time - 5 minutes to an hour.
AC: Some days are busier than others, you might get two or three players one day or seven or eight another.

Are the three of you with the team all the time?
RT: We do every training session, but Garry and Andy also travel with the lads to every game. Me and Andy are on duty the night before home matches at the team hotel in Manchester. Garry and Andy cover things before domestic and European aways.
GA: We’re on duty whenever the players are in – even Christmas Day!

We hear you guys are not afraid to play the odd practical joke on the lads…
: [Grins] I once hid in Phil

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