06/10/2008 09:33,
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Player quiz: Fletch v Rio

Kicking off our Inside Carrington theme this week, we grabbed five minutes with Fletch and Rio to test their United knowledge before they went off on international duty...

Question one: who took United’s second penalty in Moscow?
RF: Oh man… I should know this. Cristiano?
DF: Mmm, it was either Ronny or Carrick.
IU: I’ll have to hurry you; which one?
DF: I’ll go with Carrick. (correct)

Who wore the number 25 shirt for United last season?
RF: Danny Simpson. (correct)
DF: Simmo. (correct)

Sir Alex played for six different clubs. Can you name two of them?
RF: St Mirren…
IU: [raised eyebrow]
RF: Hang on, he managed them, didn’t he? Right, let’s see… St Johnstone and Rangers. (correct)
DF: Rangers and Dunfermline. Easy. (correct)

When was the last time Nemanja Vidic scored in the league?
RF: Against Everton at Goodison Park. (correct)
DF: Everton away. (correct)

Nani found the net four times last season – can you name the sides he scored against?
RF: Middlesbrough, Spurs and Liverpool. Um, which other club? Was it a Premier League game?
IU: No, it was in the FA Cup.
RF: Arsenal! (correct)
DF: Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Tottenham. [long pause] Was it in the Champions League?
IU: No, it was in the Premier League.
DF: Er… let’s see: Middlesbrough, Tottenham, Arsenal… no, I can’t think of it. (wrong)
IU: Liverpool.
DF: Oh yeah! It was late on, that’s why I don’t remember it.

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