10/09/2008 16:34, Report by Alan Beck
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Happy hunting grounds

In search of United's whipping boys and bogey teams away from home, we've sent our elves down the statistical mineshaft for nuggets of pure gold...

Some of this you'll know instinctively – no Red need stretch their memory to know Villa and Goodison Park have been near away-day bankers in recent times. But some stats you may find more surprising...

Top Six Whipping Boys (by win percentage)
You've gotta love Liverpool. Well, maybe that's going a shade too far, but we certainly love going there for the day. Everton are way out in front as our easy away day, while Liverpool also make it into the top six. Okay, we admit it, that's why we made it a top six!

Everton (81.2%)
Aston Villa (68.7%)
Tottenham Hotspur (62.5%)
Fulham (57.1%)
Sunderland (57/1%)
Liverpool (56.2%)

Top Six Bogey Teams (by loss ratio)
Steady on, Pompey. They're way ahead, albeit over fewer games (six) than most and even taking into account the Reds' win last month. The usual suspects are also here, including City and Liverpool (but at least we only lose one in four at Anfield).

Portsmouth (50%)
Arsenal (37.5%)
Chelsea (37.5%)
Man City (36.3%)
Blackburn (28.5%)
Liverpool (25%)

Top Six Goals For
(per game)
You wouldn't know it from last year, but the Reebok's still the place for goals in Red. Bolton won't get away with assault tactics again and United average better than three goals to one against the Trotters. You'd

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