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The squad: Strikers

Completing our in-depth look at United's squad ahead of today's opening match at OT, Mike Phelan assesses the Reds' established strikers...

10 Wayne Rooney Age 23 Appearances 238 Goals 98
Wayne’s been a star from day one and he’s having to maintain that now every day. He’ll be eager to develop as a footballer. He’s not the finished article yet – there’s more to come from him. I think we’ve only seen a small part of what Wayne Rooney is all about. I think he’s maturing now, he’s a little bit wiser, and this year he’ll bring all his qualities to the table.

9 Dimitar Berbatov Age 28 Appearances 44 Goals 14
Berba’s highly skilful and technically gifted. He’s certainly different to any other player at the club. He does have a certain element of mystery or elusiveness about him and some people don’t know how to take that. But it all adds to his character. He’s very highly regarded here and I think now, having got over his first season with Manchester United, he’ll really produce the goods.

7 Michael Owen Age 29 Appearances 1 Goals 0
Michael’s like a new kid on the block. He’s another player who’s contributed to the game of football immensely. At this stage of his career I think he’s excited to be part of something that he sees as befitting his talent. He has exceptional qualities as a striker and I think he’ll fit into our style of play very, very well. He certainly fits in with the group of players – there are no concerns there. He’ll hopefully score a lot of goals for us and he’ll do it with a smile on his face because he’s very excited to be here. He’s keen to repeat the feats he’s achieved in the past and we’re very happy to have him here.

27 Federico Macheda Age 17 Appearances 5 Goals 2
Kiko’s a young man who’s hit the ground running. He made an impact on his debut but people need to realise he won’t score last-minute winners every week. We can’t judge him on one performance or one goal – we need to see him produce the goods

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