Old Trafford has staged many a momentous match in its first 100 years. The one that stands out for former United midfielder Sammy McIlroy is the 5-0 win over Wolves in October 1981 when he scored the first and only hat-trick of his decade-long Reds career.

In an exclusive video, Sammy Mac takes us back to that eventful afternoon and talks us through the goals.

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15/12/2009 11:10, Report by A Bostock, M Shaw
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My Old Trafford memory

three of United's five goals.

"It was fantastic to score my first hat-trick, and to win five-nil," says Sammy. "I kept the match ball and Bryan Robson wrote on it, 'To Sammy, from the costliest sub in the game.' But despite my hat-trick, it was still a big question - was I going to stay or go?

"Ron Atkinson said to me, 'Listen, there's still a place for you here, playing on the left-hand side.' But I wanted to be in the thick of it, I was enjoying my football and I wanted to stay in the middle. So I threw my dummy out and got a transfer to Stoke. It was probably the worst football decision I've ever made in my life."

Video: Watch Sammy's interview - with action from the Wolves game - on MUTV Online.

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