18/03/2009 10:21, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Evra's team-mate tales

Patrice Evra reveals who has the best taste in music, the best trainer and worst-dressed Red in his team-mate tales...

Okay, so who’s the best trainer?
Hmmm… I’ll go for Ji-sung Park. He’s full of energy and runs around just like he does in every game. He’s difficult to play against in training because sometimes you don’t know where he is – one minute he’s behind you, the next he’s somewhere else – he’s like a ghost!

And the worst?
Tony Strudwick, our fitness coach! [Laughs].

Who would you say is your most intelligent team-mate?
That’s an easy one, van der Sar. He’s got a lot of experience and knows a lot about different things - he’s a very clever guy. He’s great to play alongside because he helps you a lot with your positioning.

What about the funniest?
I’d say Nani. He’s a great guy, a strong player who always trains hard, but someone who also likes to have a laugh.

Name the best-dressed Red…
[Ryan Giggs appears and points across to Nemanja Vidic, who is sat nearby and says “He’s definitely the most improved!”] [Patrice laughs] I’m going to say Tomasz Kuszczak.

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Pat plays DJ

"I like every type of music from R&B to hip-hop to rock, and I try my best to look after the music in the dressing room as well as I can."

- Patrice Evra


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