05/11/2009 07:01, Report by Adam Bostock
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Talking tactics

Sunday's six-pointer at Stamford Bridge is a mouthwatering prospect for fans and former players alike. We asked a distinguished member of the latter group, Sammy McIlroy, to kickstart our message board debate by answering five key questions on the crunch fixture...

Who are Chelsea’s main threats and how will United stop them?

Didier Drogba is such a physical presence and relentless for the full 90 minutes. He’s deadly in the box and he not only scores goals, he makes them as well. Frank Lampard’s runs from midfield into the box are also dangerous. People are saying he’s not scoring as many goals this season but he’s always thereabouts and making attempts. The number of attempts he makes, for a midfield player, is unbelievable. So those two players will have to be watched but I don’t think we should go about it by man-marking because that’s not United’s style. I'm sure Sir Alex will have something else up his sleeve.

Who or what will be vital to United winning the game?

I think Darren Fletcher will be a big player for us on Sunday because of his ability to get in Lampard’s face and his general industry and energy up and down the field. The midfield battle is the one

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The Big Match Questions

We asked United legend and current Morecambe FC manager Sammy McIlroy the following five questions about Sunday's clash with Chelsea.

Who are Chelsea’s main threats and how should we stop them?
Who or what will be vital to United winning the game?
Who would be in your starting XI?
What would be your tactical approach on Sunday?
It’s ten to four on Sunday afternoon and you’re the manager. What do you say to the United players?

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