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We couldn’t be closer – or further apart. Travel 30 miles from Manchester to Liverpool, traffic willing, in under an hour, but natives of either city will tell you there are light years between the people. To an outsider it’s a riddle. Proud working-class cities, founded on the sweat and toil of industrial revolution – they should have loads in common. As simplistic as it sounds, perhaps those shared histories provide the answer – it’s precisely because we’re so similar that we’re so different. In this five-part feature we assess the ups, downs and how the rivalry has changed since United and Liverpool began, regularly, going toe-to-toe for honours in the 1960s...

Honours: In the 1960s
United: Leagues 2 (1965, 1967), FA Cups 1 (1963), Charity Shields 2 (1965 – shared with Liverpool, 1967), European Cups 1 (1968)
Liverpool: Leagues 2 (1964, 1966), FA Cups 1 (1965), Charity Shields 1 (1965 – shared)
Title ticker (inc. pre-1960): United 7, Liverpool 7

21/10/2009 09:27, Report by Steve Morgan
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Red rivals: The 1960s

World in motion... The decade in which four lads from Liverpool shook the world with their music and style kicks off our look at the changing rivalry between England's two most successful clubs. In a five-part, decade-by-decade feature, we ask fans from both sides of the divide to share their experiences, starting in the 60s, as both Merseyside teams started giving us a run for our money...

Decade head to head
League: P16 W7 D3 L6
FA Cup: P1 W1 D0 L0
Charity Shield: P1 W0 D1 L0
Overall: P18 W8 D4 L6

The United fan Television producer David Hall on the watershed in the United-Liverpool canon...

“Early in the 1960s, I don’t remember a great rivalry, certainly not like there is today. Liverpool were a Second Division side. Busby and Shankly were great mates and most Reds remembered Liverpool were the first team after Munich to offer help. When Liverpool were promoted in 1962 it didn’t change much, even when Phil Chisnall moved there in 1964 it was no big deal. Everton were the greater rivals:

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