Ronaldo v Fulham (h) 2007/08
Forlan v Rangers (h) 2003/04
Rooney v Sheffield United (a) 2006/07
Giggs v Fulham (a) 2006/07
Ince v QPR (a) 1992/93
Hughes v City (a) 1989/90
Ferdinand v Newcastle (h) 2007/08
Rafael v Arsenal (a) 2008/09
Rooney v Newcastle (a) 2004/05
Berbatov v Chelsea (h) 2008/09
Cantona v Winbledon (a) 1993/94
Smith v Norwich (h) 2004/05
Scholes v Fulham (h) 2008/09
Cole v Leicester (h) 1999/00
Rooney v Newcastle (h) 2004/05
Scholes v Villa (a) 2006/07
07/09/2009 11:35, Report by Nick Coppack

Video: Red Volleys

There was a bit of talk in the media last week about what actually constitutes a volley.

It's certainly a topic that's been debated a lot in the ManUtd.com office over the last few days. Just about everyone agrees that Marco van Basten's strike for Holland in the 1988 European Championships is right up there among the best goals ever scored... as is Tony Yeboah's thunderbolt against Liverpool (extra points for the opposition!).

But we thought we'd bring you a selection of our favourite volleys scored by United players in the modern era. Sit back and enjoy our video feature, then tell us about your favourite one on the Today at Old Trafford thread.


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