George Best

Appearances: 470
Goals: 179

Signed from: Trainee
Debut: 14 Sep 1963 v West Brom
Left United: 2 Jan 1974

Honours: League (1964/65, 1966/67), European Cup (1968).

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20/12/2010 14:23

United greats: George Best

Continuing our 20-day showcase of suggestions for the Reds' greatest-ever player...

With style, charisma and unrivalled ability, George Best was a football icon and a hero to millions of Reds.

Some say George Best didn’t fulfil his true potential. Let them. The elastic-limbed Irish genius (470 games, a number so often forgotten) lit up Old Trafford in the 1960s much the way a hip-swivelling Elvis woke up ’50s America. Pace, panache and poise usually found at the ballet… if you wanted to show an alien how football should be played, the European Footballer of the Year for 1968 was your man.

What they say: “He was the most skilful player I had ever seen. There are many different styles of skill and technique but what he had was unique, you can't teach it, you are born with it.” – Johan Cruyff

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