19/02/2010 12:00, Report by Steve Bartram
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OT100: The Top 10 revealed

Old Trafford hosted some unforgettable occasions in its first century. We've showcased our top 100 events chronologically over the last 100 days on ManUtd.com, but which ten among them stand out as the most memorable?

To decide this for us, we assembled a judging panel whose opinions on United carry enough weight to have Atlas' knees creaking; club statistician Cliff Butler, European Cup winner Paddy Crerand, 'Busby Babe' Wilf McGuinness and veteran journalist David Meek. Here, in reverse order, are their top ten...

10. Juventus v AC Milan, 29 May 2003
Cliff Butler: “To stage the Champions League final is an absolutely massive honour for any venue. The game was hardly a great spectacle, but that can’t detract from the fact that Old Trafford hosted the final of what has always been the biggest competition in club football, and for that alone it had to be in the top ten.”

9. United v Liverpool, 19 February 1910
Paddy Crerand: “This was a huge landmark in Old Trafford's history, simply because it was the first game ever played here. Manchester just loves football, so the excitement in the city at the time of the new stadium opening would have been unbelievable.”

8. United v Real Madrid, 25 April 1957
David Meek: “There’s something special about United playing at home in Europe. There’s always a particular atmosphere and that was no different for the very first European game, not least because Real Madrid were world famous.”

7. United v Sheffield Wednesday, 10 April 1993
Wilf McGuinness: “United didn’t pick up the trophy for a few weeks after this game - they had to wait for Blackburn’s visit in May -  but this was really the game when everyone truly believed that the league title was coming back to Old Trafford, that it was our season.”

6. United v West Brom, 30 November 2005
Cliff Butler: “It was a very moving night when West Brom came to

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