09/07/2010 08:30, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Carrington summer facelift

When the players depart for their summer holidays after a long season, the real work can begin for Clive Snell, Facilities Manager at Carrington, and his dedicated team. The close-season is an ideal time to install new equipment, clean and decorate and implement any changes to the lay-out of the buildings ready for when the players return in July. So, this week has been the culmination of months of hard work…

We’d expect the summer months to be quiet with all the players away on holiday or at the World Cup, but that’s not the case is it?
No. It’s a quieter period because the players aren’t around, but it means we have lots of tasks to work through. We can re-arrange some parts of the training ground, do a deep clean in certain areas, and redecorate others. It’s been another busy summer at Carrington.

What sort of things have you been doing?
The weights room has been completely refigured and the sports science area has been newly set-out with lots of new equipment. The groundsman has stripped off the pitches and completely re-seeded them, a process that began right at the end of the season. We’d spoken to a lot of the coaches before they went away about any requirements they had for the new season – and just before they go on holiday they’re great at saying, ‘can you just do this, this and this by this date”! So the summer is a good time to take stock and work out what all the requirements are.

Why the changes?
The number of people employed at Carrington has naturally grown in the ten years since the training ground opened, so we have to be quite imaginative with the space we’ve got. We’re rearranged some of the office space and, for example, the Academy physios are now going to use office space over in the Academy building rather than being over here in the main building.

What about the whole process of cleaning and redecorating?
We’ve given a deep clean to the outside of the building at Carrington. We’ve pressure-washed all the high areas, windows and frame of the roof. We do that every close-season. We’ve done

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