Chip off the old block

United's Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez is the third generation of his family to play for Mexico at a World Cup, following grandfather Tomas Balcazar (left in our pic) and father Javier 'Chicharo' Hernandez.
09/07/2010 07:00, Report by T Marshall, S Bartram
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Chicharito's family affair

because if you are telling him he’s doing everything well, he won’t improve. It’s easy to say he was marvellous all the time.
JH: After Chivas games sometimes he wouldn't get back on the bus with the team. He liked to drive back with me and we would go through the game, go over the major incidents and talk it through.

You seem a very close, football-mad family...
TB: I was born very poor in the old Mexicaltzingo neighborhood of Guadalajara. We’re very humble people and I got everything I have now through football. Playing enabled me to have things and later get married and then have six kids. All of them have professional titles. The family is very tight, we eat together every day. It makes me very proud.

Were there any United fans in the house before the transfer?
TB: There was a lot of admiration for Manchester because of the history, the potential and because they are known as the most important team in the world.

What were your impressions of Old Trafford when Javier went to sign?
JH: It was incredible. From when you arrive you feel all the history of the club and the team. From arriving in the car park, you feel a vibe that it is an important club. When you have a look around the stadium you feel all the history and the past that makes the club what it is now. Jim Lawlor [United's chief scout] treated us very well. Everyone in the club made us feel special. The people in Manchester seem excellent too.

How was meeting Sir Alex Ferguson?
JH: It was amazing, incredible. For all the success he’s had he seemed like a humble human being and it really grabbed my attention. It made an impression because I’ve met a lot of important people in different roles. But the gentleman has really got my respect. I never thought he’d be like he was: an exceptional man.

Javier, you're moving to Manchester with your son. What will you do there?
JH: What I want to do

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