10/06/2010 07:48, Report by Gemma Thompson
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World Cup predictions

With kick-off just around the corner, we asked players from both the England and Rest of the World Soccer Aid squads for their tournament predictions and their thoughts on England’s chances of triumphing in South Africa…

“I think England are one of four or five teams that could win the tournament along with Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina. We’ve got a good chance but we’ll need to keep Rooney fit and hope he’s at his best, and we’ll also need a bit of luck.”
Alan Shearer

“England have a great chance of winning it, but it depends on a lot of factors. I just hope we play as well in South Africa as we did during the qualifying games.”
David Seaman

“Teams like Italy and Germany are real tournament teams – it doesn’t matter what their form is like coming into the competition, they know how to get results. I think the Ivory Coast could be another side to keep an eye on. I am a Welshman, but I always support England in the World Cup. They have some great players, but it’s whether or not they can work together as a team when it matters."
Michael Sheen, actor

“Spain will be a big threat as will Brazil, but England have as good a squad as most of the top teams. I think the winner will come from one of those three.”
Kenny Dalglish

“England will definitely do better than Wales! If they’ve got a fit Wayne Rooney and no other major injury problems within the squad then they have every chance, especially with Capello at the helm.”
Gethin Jones, TV presenter

“I can see England making it to the quarter finals - anything else is a bonus. So much depends on players staying fit though and if Rooney’s available throughout the tournament then I think they’ll do well.”
Joe Calzaghe, former boxer

“There will be some great teams contesting the World Cup, but personally I hope England do well. They seem to have had a lot of off-the-field problems this season which doesn't make for good team morale, but great players should be able to overcome that.”

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