"I’ve never really been close to leaving United and I’ve never wanted too. I believe a few Italian clubs were interested but that was just speculation. As a footballer you want challenges and every year at United there is a new challenge every year."

- Ryan Giggs

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08/09/2010 08:02
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When Paddy met Giggs

MUTV pundit and 1968 European Cup winner Paddy Crerand has an interview technique all of his own - as Ryan Giggs found out in MUTV’s continuing series…

Paddy Crerand: I remember watching you as a young lad and people were saying you were the next George Best. That must have been quite a weight on your shoulders as you’re not as good looking as George!
Ryan Giggs: [Laughs] No, I’m not! It never really bothered me to be honest. I remember seeing the headlines but I think because I was young, I didn’t really dwell on it; it wasn’t something that affected me.

PC: Did David Beckham help take the limelight away from you then?
RG: When I first broke in to the team I had a lot of press intrusion, which I tried to shy away from as they want to know more than just about your life on the pitch but about your private life as well. I didn’t enjoy it at all. But then Becks came along which took the pressure off me! He always enjoyed the limelight and it never affected his football. That’s an area in which myself and Becks differ.

PC: I’ve got to ask you about the goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi final in 1999. It was the best goal I’ve ever seen. When you first got the ball, my lads were shouting “pass it, pass it”,

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