28/04/2011 09:05, Report by Nick Coppack
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Firsts: Rafael

Brazilian right-back Rafael reveals his personal firsts. We wonder if he still bears a grudge against his brother…

First training session at United
I was 15 at the time and my brother and I came to train with [Academy coach] Paul McGuinness. I remember he showed us a video of Pele – it was fantastic.

First United game you attended
That’s an easy one to remember. It was United against Roma [10 April 2007] and we won 7-1. It was incredible. Not a bad introduction, hey?

First day at school
I remember it very well. I cried a lot. I didn’t want to be at school that day, I just wanted to go home.

First pair of football boots
They were Umbro boots, I remember that much. But they were very simple, I doubt they make them anymore.

First hero
Roberto Carlos. I remember watching him and wanting to emulate the way he played.

It was a cat, but to be honest it wasn’t mine. It belonged to the neighbourhood. He would come and go all the time but he often returned to our house because we would always feed him.

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Brotherly love

First hospital visit
I was playing with Fabio and I ended up falling down a hill and breaking my arm. Fabio was fine, though!

– Rafael


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