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25/08/2011 23:43 , N Coppack, G Thompson, A Bostock
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Webchat: Chris Smalling hosted an exclusive live webchat with Chris Smalling at Carrington on Thursday 25 August.

The webchat started at 12:30 BST on Thursday and ended at 13:20. Chris said at the end, "I'd like to thank everybody for the variety of questions I had to answer. It's great to be able to have a chat with you and hopefully you've learned a few things about me that you didn't know before. I enjoyed it and maybe we can do it again sometime soon."

The question considered to be the best by Chris was 'Which would you prefer - scoring a winning goal in stoppage time or blocking a goal-bound shot?' The fan who submitted it, Nirmessh Balan from Malaysia, wins a new United shirt signed by Chris himself. Congratulations Nirmessh!

Final question, Chris... How do you feel every time you put on the United shirt?
Engelberth Djami, Namibia

I feel a lot of pride when you think about the number of world-class players who have worn the shirt. You feel confident, you feel as if you're going to win every game and you enjoy your football. I've loved every minute of being here so far and hopefully there are many good years still to come.

Are we ever going to see you with an afro hairstyle again?
Robert Appel, Denmark

I've seen that photo that keeps cropping up! It's not the most flattering and I think those days are probably gone. I was very proud of it at the time but it was difficult to comb it every day and maintain it. These days it's easier to keep it short.

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