Liverpool vs United in the Premier League:

Old Trafford
United wins - 11
Draws - 4
Liverpool wins - 4

United wins - 9
Draws - 3
Liverpool wins - 7

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12/10/2011 21:23, Report by A Bostock & L Kane

Red Letters: Liverpool

L... i... v... e... r... p... o... o... l... the letters in the name of United's arch-rivals provide plenty of cues - excuses, if you like - to show some classic action against the Merseysiders.

Watch our free video and you'll see some great footage from Sir Alex Ferguson's numerous victories at Anfield, as well as a memorable off-the-field episode involving one of his opposite numbers at the Liverpool helm.

Hopefully our collection of clips will whet your appetite for Saturday's match. Enjoy.

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