As Owen extends his stay at United, our Gimme 5 video celebrates five of the striker's goals:

22 Aug, 2009: Wigan 0-5 United

20 Sep, 2009: United 4-3 City

8 Dec, 2009: United 3-1 Wolfsburg

28 February, 2010: United 2-1 Villa

22 May, 2011: United 4-2 Blackpool

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01/06/2011 15:42, Report by Laura Kane

Gimme 5: Owen goals

Michael Owen's extended his United stay by another year. Here are five of his best goals for the Reds...

22 Aug 2009: Wigan 0-5 United
Owen’s first goal in a United shirt rewound the clock with the sort of cool, clipped finish that dominated his early years.

20 Sep 2009: United 4-3 City

He may never top this moment. An unerring finish, deep into injury time, to win a thrilling Manchester derby. Unforgettable.

8 Dec 2009: Wolfsburg 1-3 United

Michael sealed his hat-trick with a superb solo run against the then German champions.

10 Feb 2010: United 2-1 Aston Villa
Owen helped the Reds to Carling Cup silverware with this neat goal in the Wembley final before limping off with a hamstring injury.

22 May 2011: United 4-2 Blackpool

There’s only ever one winner – Michael Owen – when the striker goes one on one with the goalkeeper.


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